eSports have been studied to increase GPA’s and attendance rates in schools. Programs offer a sense of real connectedness and increase school engagement. Programs are seeing their athletes become better players and more importantly, better students with stronger career and life aspirations.

Esports at schools

If you don’t yet have an esports program at your school, the time has come to start planning one. And for very important reasons, including student recruiting and retaining, preparing for the job market of tomorrow, blending on-campus and online experiences, and overall enrichment of the student experience. esports may be less costly and easier to get off the ground at your school than you realize.

Esports as events

Although many sports fans might not realise it, some of the biggest sporting events of the past five years have involved organised competitive video gaming called eSports. The most successful eSports players and teams complete on a professional basis for massive prize money in front of arena crowds of thousands of paying spectators, bolstered by audiences of millions of online viewers.

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